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Welcome to the Past Parks Archives. Here we aim to archive as much theme park memorabilia as possible for those parks and Manuafacturers that no longer exists. Below are some files and Photographs from the parks which you can view and read. Most are stored on our servers in PDF format, so please make sure you have downloaded the relevant program (it free!). Please feel free to have a look and if you have anything yourself that you would like us to share, scan the items in and email the photo's to [email protected] and we will do the rest!


Everything is in Alphabetical order for the parks, so American Adventure would be A and Camelot would be C.


American Adventure Theme Park

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Camelot Theme Park

Brochure (From 1990s)

Entrance Tickets

Park Map 1997

Park Map 2001

Park Map 2007

Park Map 2008

Park Map 2009

Park Map 2010

Park Map 2011

Park Map 2012

Newletter (August 2006)

Newletter (Spring 2007)

Newletter (Summer 2007)

Newletter (Spring 2008)



Loudoun Castle Theme Park

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1970s Catalogue



Pleasure Island

1993 Park Brochure

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